Stretch Film

It’s mainly made of LLDPE, usually called stretch film, or pallet wrap, hand wrap etc., widely used to secure and protect palletized goods during transportation, storage, and shipping, as well as to be used for packing of scattered and semi-finished goods. It could be either clear or black, blue, green, etc. Our film has following main features:

  • High clarity for easy scanning
  • Good stretch rate and tension strength
  • Excellent puncture resistance available
  • Water and moisture resistance

Popular choices of clients:

  • Thickness: 17μm, 20μm, 23μm, 25μm, though it can be customized as 9μm-25μm;   
  • Width: 457mm(18”), 500mm(20”),  though it can be customized as 100mm-1500mm  
  • Weight: we sell based on the net weight of the film only by default, commonly demanded weight per roll is 2kg, 3kg, 4.5kg, as well as 12kg, 15kg. Customizable range: 1kg-30kg;
  • Paper Core: 2”(50mm) / 3”(76mm)
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