Silage Film

Silage film, also called grass silage film, silage wrap, etc. It is mainly made of LLDPE, used to conserve and store crop nutrients and to minimize losses from harvesting until feeding by stretch wrapping around baled silage, maintaining the airtight environment to preserve the crop’s value. With exceptional puncture / tear resistance and a high tack factor, our silage wrap products can make sure that your wrapped silage bales will remain highly airtight and resistant to oxygen ingress.  

Silage wrap suppliers like Chinafilm are seen as vital contributors to the farming industry in countries that have a season of cold weather and only one specific period of time to harvest silage crops. The countries that Chinafilm provides its products to include Japan, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. 

It is usually green, white or black colored. Popular choices of clients as followed:

  • Thickness: 25μm;   
  • Width: 500mm, 750mm;   
  • Length: 1500m, 1800m.
  • Paper Core: 3”(76mm)

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